Understanding the IB Channel on Deriv

The world of online trading and investments offers numerous opportunities for generating income, and Deriv, a renowned online trading platform, has taken this a step further with its Introducing Broker (IB) channel. If you’re an affiliate on Deriv, you can unlock an additional income stream by becoming an IB and earning commissions from your clients’ trades. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into how the IB channel works and the benefits it offers to affiliates.

What is the IB Channel on Deriv?

The IB channel, short for Introducing Broker, is a program designed for existing Deriv affiliates. As an affiliate, you can expand your earning potential by transitioning into an IB. The IB program rewards you with commissions based on the trading activities of clients who sign up through your referral links and trade on Deriv’s MT5 platform.

How to Become an IB on Deriv

Step 1: Eligibility and Application

To become an IB, you must first be an existing affiliate with Deriv. If you’re already promoting Deriv and earning from the affiliate program, you’re halfway there. The next step involves providing some essential information:

– Your MT5 account, specifically the one that begins with ‘MTR’

– Your CR account

– Your email address

– Your affiliate ID

Once you’ve compiled this information, you can apply to become an IB. The approval process is swift, typically taking one day to receive feedback.

Step 2: Promoting Your IB Channel

Once approved, you can start promoting your IB channel using the same affiliate link you have been using. However, new clients will need to sign up specifically through the MT5 application using this link. Your role as an IB is to ensure these clients register and start trading on the MT5 platform.

Understanding IB Commissions

How Commissions are Calculated

As an IB, your commission is derived from the trading activities of your clients on Deriv’s MT5 platform. These commissions depend on various factors such as:

– The lot size traded by your clients

– The price of the contract

– The trading volume

To get a clearer picture of how commissions are calculated, you can visit Deriv’s website, where detailed formulas and criteria are provided.

Daily Payouts

One of the most appealing aspects of the IB program is the frequency of commission payouts. Unlike the standard affiliate program, which pays out monthly (between the 15th and 20th of the following month), the IB commissions are credited to your account daily. This means you get a steady stream of income from your clients’ trading activities without having to wait until the end of the month.

Additional Benefits of the IB Program

Real-Time Earnings

The daily crediting of IB commissions ensures that you benefit from real-time earnings. This immediacy can be crucial for managing your finances and reinvesting your earnings into further promotional activities.

Growing Your Client Base

With the potential to earn daily, there’s a strong incentive to grow your client base. The more clients you have trading under your IB channel, the higher your daily earnings. This drives affiliates to actively seek out new clients and help them get started on the MT5 platform.

No Master IB Program (Yet!)

Currently, Deriv does not offer a Master IB program. However, this could change in the future, and the platform promises to keep affiliates posted on any such developments. A Master IB program could potentially allow successful IBs to earn commissions from the activities of other IBs they recruit, further expanding the earning potential.

Why Choose the IB Channel Over Standard Affiliates?

While both the IB channel and the standard affiliate program offer lucrative opportunities, there are distinct advantages to choosing the IB program:

Frequency of Payouts: Daily commissions provide a quicker return on investment compared to monthly payouts.

Potential Earnings: The commission based on trading activities can sometimes surpass the standard affiliate commissions, especially if you have active, high-volume traders in your client base.

Client Relationship: Transitioning to an IB allows for a closer relationship with your clients, as you assist them in signing up and starting their trading journey on MT5.


The IB channel on Deriv provides a compelling opportunity for affiliates to enhance their income potential by capitalizing on their existing network and extending their promotional efforts to the MT5 trading platform. By understanding the application process, how commissions work, and the benefits of daily payouts, you can make an informed decision about becoming an IB. Stay proactive in growing your client base, and you could see substantial daily earnings from your clients’ trading activities.

Should you have any questions or need further information, don’t hesitate to reach out. Embrace the potential of the IB channel and elevate your earnings with Deriv.

Are you ready to become an IB and start earning daily commissions? Apply today by providing the necessary details and watch your earnings grow as you introduce more clients to the MT5 trading platform. Get started now and take your affiliate experience to the next level on Deriv!

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